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Physically Active

Nature Oriented

A new adventure every day


Considering we live in a huge metropolitan area, it’s surprising how much hiking one can do within the city’s borders.  We clamber over rock out-croppings, sit alongside rushing streams and feel far removed from the city.


Kim’s Kids takes advantage of the numerous choices for swimming in and around New York City. We like to vary our swims. Riis Beach is a favorite for jumping waves and swimming in the ocean.  We use two pools; one located on the Palisades where the water is icy cold and another at a private, spring fed pool in New Jersey containing a sandy beach.  Shallow wading areas, for our non-swimmers are a must in both of these pools. For more advanced swimmers there is a diving board and slide.

Brooklyn Bridge & Chinatown

We begin our walk on the Brooklyn side of the bridge while counselors point out the bridge’s distinctive features along with the magnificent views of New York.  As we continue along, the children are treated to explanations of how this suspension bridge was constructed as well as problems faced in building this edifice in the late 1800’s. We follow this walk with lunch in Chinatown at one of their many authentic Chinese restaurants.  The meal is predetermined and served family style. And, after spending our summer sitting on grass and rocks, eating our meals out of lunch boxes, there is something special about being in an air conditioned restaurant, sitting on chairs, at a table while served delicious food by a waiter.

Zoos and Museums

Here in New York, we are fortunate to have one of the great zoos of the world. Besides viewing the animals at the Bronx Zoo, we always add to our excursion one or two of the many paid attractions, like the train through ‘Wild Asia’ or maybe a ride on a camel. And what could be more exciting about living in New York City than taking advantage of the many museums intended for children?  The Hall of Science in Queens, the Museum of Natural History, the Staten Island Children’s Museum are just some of the museums we might call upon.

Playground Hopping

Robert Moses might have built many of the playgrounds in New York but he would be amazed by the improvements the city has made.  They are no longer simple climbing apparatus with a few swings.  They are now a cornucopia of equipment designed to excite the children’s imagination.  They contain a never ending variety of shapes, sizes and functions. Being a travel camp we take advantage of many of them, spending at least two of our days hopping from one to another.  Of course getting wet in the sprinklers is just an added treat.